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Self Sustainability

We promote sustainability in our projects at Fikia Dada, meaning that we avoid quick‐fix‐feel‐good solutions.
Any projects we have in place always have an end goal to help with funds to go back into the Centre and our community.

Our Shamba

In our Shamba we are currently growing potatoes, maize, beans, carrots, spring onions, leek, kales, spinach, cabbage, zucchini and a variety of wild African vegetables.

We have small herb gardens too; which include coriander, rosemary and mint.

We started this project from scratch, with the help of donations of seedlings and off-cuts from the local community and volunteers. 

We have designated days and times when we are all up in the Shamba. Everyone is involved, including the girls. We are either planting, weeding, watering, crop rotation and/ or harvesting.

This project helps us be self-sustainable with food.

GOAT 1.jpg

Goats Project

We are very grateful to have started our very own Goat Project!

With the financial support of Avril, we were able to construct Mollys Shed.

Did you know that Goat milk is loaded with calcium and other minerals: The milk is naturally an excellent source of calcium, magnesium, and potassium. Additionally, goat milk contains the precursor to vitamin A in the milk fat which allows it to be readily bioavailable.

We are so blessed to have this milk readily available for our growing babies at the centre!

The girls love their involvement with this project too.

Chicken Project

With the help of donations; we were able to build from scratch, a free range chicken coop where we had 200 chickens. 

The Coop allowed our family to have a daily supply of eggs to eat. (Eating eggs in Kenya are considered a luxury – we are so lucky to be able to get our proteins!) We also were selling to the local community at 280/- per tray of 30 eggs.

After 18 months, our chickens stopped laying eggs. We were able to sell all of the chickens to a local farmer for meat.

We would love to start this project again - We are just seeking funds first as it is very expensive to sustain while the chicks are very young!

The coop requires a lot of cleaning and routine. We all would work together, taking turns in the daily needs and running of the Kufunga Kuku. 

chicken coop.jpg
Sustainable Projects: Projects

Future Sustainable Projects

With YOUR donations we are able to reach further sustainable goals within our Centre. 
If you are interested in becoming a Major sponsor/ donor please reach out!

Ngombe (A cow)

For obvious reasons, fresh milk! A cow will also benefit our Rescue Centre with pasture management, compost and income.

Cow Eye
Tomatoes in Greenhouse


We feel a Greenhouse would complete our Shamba. It would help to shield crops from excess cold or heat and unwanted pests. It would make it possible to grow certain crops all year round.

Owning a Plot

The biggest long-term goal, our dream and most sustainable project would be to OWN our very own block of land and not have to pay rent.

Owning the plot and knowing that it will forever be ours would fill our hearts completely.

If we owned our own plot we would never have to worry about the uncertainty of what could happen and/or anything changing at any time. 

At the moment we are at capacity at our Centre and are limited with space.

If we owned our own plot - we could rescue more girls and their babies, we could have various skills rooms and a library, we could even have a kids play room. There would be lots of space for a bigger Shamba and bigger sustainable projects which could generate little income. We would have the freedom to become as self-sustainable as possible.

We are dreaming BIG, however we really believe that this is only the beginning of our journey.

Image by Damian Patkowski
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